Asymetric pendant
Asymetric pendant
Asymetric pendant

“Dionissios Vovos doesn’t just design jewellery
– he crafts precious works of art ...
pieces to be worn and treasured forever”


Designers of Fine Jewellery

Vovos Jewellery is owned by well-known jewellery designer Dionissios (Dennis) Vovos.

Unique jewellery pieces, designed and hand-crafted by Dionissios Vovos in his Hobart workshop are sought after by discerning clients in Europe and America, as well as an exclusive clientele in Australia.

Dionissios Vovos incorporates Australian opals into his own unique designs. He also favours white, cognac and champagne diamonds, as well as pearls from Broome, Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearls. His use of silver gives his pieces a contemporary feel which is very much in vogue at this time.

Ring designed by Dionissios Vovos

Our jewellery designs

Showcase of a sample of Vovos unique designs. These can be ordered online.

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Dionissios (Dennis) Vovos

Dionissios Vovos

Dennis Vovos lived, and produced his jewellery designs, in America and Europe before settling in Australia.

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“My inspiration comes from the sea and the free forms of waves wrapping around rocks on the shores of the Greek Islands where I grew up.”

~ Dionissios Vovos

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Cruise the Greek Islands

Join Dennis Vovos as he sails around the islands of his native Greece.

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